Supporting Business and Aviation

A community supporting 21st Century Aviation and Business Opportunities

The City of Mineral Wells has a rich history of supporting aviation and business activities, serving as the home to the military and general aviation communities. We believe our airport and community could serve as a premier location for flight test and evaluation programs of aircraft manufacturers. Accordingly, we possess the facilities and skilled labor force to support everything from concept to manufacture and delivery of aerospace and aviation products.


  • Ideal location for freight operations with ample ramp space and uncongested airspace.
  • Several "shovel ready" sites are available including a four acre site and a site with over twenty acres.
  • All sites have easy access to the taxiway and runways. Some sites are on the ramp adjacent to the taxiways.


  • Over 100 acres of prime Airport property comprised of approximately 114,000 square feet of existing co-located manufacturing facilities and office space with all required utilities in place.
  • The entire airport is fenced. There is security fencing, with electronic gate access, around the terminal and ramps.
  • A 47 acre tarmac provides additional development and research possibilities. The facility is located to allow the addition of a direct access taxiway to Airport runways.


    • Runway weight bearing limits capable of supporting any business jet as well as operations by Boeing 737, DC9, and Lockheed Hercules C130 series aircraft.
    • KMWL is designated as Class E airspace and is 23NM west of the DFW Class B outer boundary.
    • No congested or crowded airspace to hamper corporate, general aviation, and flight test operations.
    • VFR flight conditions exist greater than 90% of the year.
    • Published ILS CAT I, RNAV, and VOR approaches.


      • Situated 45 minutes west of the DFW Metroplex, at the crossroads of US Highway 180 and US Highway 281. Interstate Highway 20 is located 14 miles south of Mineral Wells, accessed by US Highway 281. The DFW International Airport is within a one hour and 15 minute drive.
      • Century Flight Systems, S-TEC Avionics, and Cool City Avionics are all located at the Mineral Wells Airport.
      • Mineral Wells has a regional hospital that also serves as a permanent crew base for an AirEvac EMS helicopter.

      For more information:
      Please contact Mineral Wells Regional Airport (940) 328-7808
      or visit the MW/PPC Area Growth Council website,
      or visit the Mineral Wells Airport website,