Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission creates and administers the City’s zoning ordinance text and map. The P&Z Commission reviews and recommends to the City Council regarding zone change requests, street/alley closures, specific use permits, and new plats or re-plats. It is a seven member board with two-year terms. City residency is required for board membership. It meets on the first Monday each month.

Date Appointed
Term Expires
Mark Berry 03/21/2000 03/31/2020
Richard Ball 04/01/2003 03/31/2020
Gene Ender 12/06/2005 03/31/2019
Mike Underwood 06/02/2009 03/31/2019
Glenn Mitchell
Jeff Cowan 03/21/2017 03/31/2020
Charles Ramsay 03/21/2017