Traffic Control Device Request Form


The purpose of this form is to provide a method for citizens to request the addition or change of traffic control devices including but not limited to the following:

  • Stop Control
  • Restricted Parking
  • Speed Zones

General Guidelines

  • The City of Mineral Wells, as a practice, does NOT install speed bumps on city streets.
  • Where there is no speed limit posted on a street, the Prima Facie speed limit as stated in the Texas Transportation Code Section 545.352 applies.
  • The City of Mineral Wells does NOT install stop signs to control speed.
  • Multiway stop intersections will be considered:
    • If there is a need to control vehicle / pedestrian conflicts near locations that generate high pedestrian volumes.
    • At locations where a driver, after stopping, cannot see conflicting traffic and is not able to reasonably safely negotiate the intersection unless conflicting cross traffic is also required to stop.
    • In areas where volume on two streets is equal and placement of multiway stop control would improve the operational traffic characteristics of the intersection.


Speeding is an enforcement issue. Studies show that the most effective tool to curtail speed violators is active law enforcement. Should you observe habitual speed violators in your neighborhood, it is recommended you contact the police department. Information relating to vehicle description, time of day, direction of travel, and license plate number is very useful for the police in prioritizing limited manpower and resources.