Winter Storm 2021

Water Update

Update 2/26/2021 12:00 PM

Boil Notice has been lifted!

Update 2/25/2021 8:00 AM

Thanks to everyone for your continued efforts to conserve. This morning our situation is a repeat of yesterday so we ask for continued wise use of water. Car washing and laundromats may remain open today. Please remember, our situation is still very critical, and if anything changes, you'll see it on our website first.

Boil Notice is still in effect for customers who receive a water bill from the City of Mineral Wells. We will not be able to lift that notice until we restore full mechanical service.

If you are a customer of one of the co-ops, please consult your system operator if you have questions about a Boil Notice in your area.

Please know the City of Mineral Wells is doing everything possible for EVERY customer.

We are scheduled to receive the replacement equipment within the next couple of days and crews are prepared to perform installation as soon as possible.

Update 2/24/2021 5:30 PM

Clink the link.... Proclamation of a local State of Disaster

The Boil Notice for residents living in the City of Mineral Wells remains in effect. If you are a customer of another provider you should consult them for instructions pertaining to any Boil Notice within your system. 

Update 2/24/2021 9:00 AM

Water system update: As of today, our pumping systems have not been fully restored, but our system levels are good. We are going to allow for some non-essential uses such as car washing, laundromats, and other similar businesses to resume regular functions. Please continue to exercise wise conservation, and keep in mind that our situation could change quickly. The Boil Notice remains in effect for Mineral Wells customers. Thank you for your continued cooperation, and we urge you to stay informed by monitoring our website.

If you see a water leak, please report it immediately.  

If you live inside the City and don't have water, please call so we can have the most recent information at all times:

Monday - Friday  8 am to 5 pm  940-328-7777

After Hours  940-328-7865

Know where your water shutoff value is and have the Hilltop number available.


What about My water bill?

The unprecedented weather conditions last week have impacted our water meter system. Your water bill for the month of February will be based on your January actual usage. The due date for your February bill will be adjusted to reflect the delay in billing.  Billing for March will reflect actual usage.  We appreciate your patience for any inconvenience this may cause.

are people being burned by mercury in the water?

NO, this rumor is false. Mercury is a heavy metal and has never exceeded the MCL established by the EPA and enforced by the TCEQ.

Is hilltop treatment plant shutting down?

The treatment plant is NOT planning to shut down. It is operating fine and producing water as normal.

When is water distribution?

Emergency management for Palo Pinto County is now coordinating the water distributions.

 The last water distribution will be at 2:00 PM 2/26/2021 at the center of life.

is the water being distributed for city residents only?

No, the water is available for ANY Palo Pinto County resident. 

Will the city turn off my water?

The city will not shut anyone’s water off without it being requested by the customer. If you live at a high elevation in town (up on the hills instead of down in the lower portions of town), then your pressure will be significantly less than those that live at a lower elevation. 

What if I get my water from a co-op?

Co-ops are receiving everything that can be diverted to them with our system limitations. If you need the exact condition of your provider, you should contact them directly.

Is there a boil notice?

The boil notice has been lifted!

What do you do if there is a leak?

If able, locate your water shut off valve and shut off your water. If you do not know how to turn off your water, please contact Hilltop immediately at, 940-328-7865 or 940-328-7777 the quicker we can repair a leak the quicker we can return to normal. 

Electricity Update

Oncor is currently working on restoring power.

If your immediate neighbors have power, but you do not, please contact Fire Chief Pool with your name and address:

*We will send this to our local Oncor representative.

Trash Service Update


Delayed trash service.

Our trucks in Residential and Commercial are running and slightly behind but no more than a few hours. This morning we were still collecting some of the residential trash from Tuesday within the city limits and expected to finish soon.  Our Thursday and Friday residential routes will most likely see some delays carrying over into Saturday. We will have all Residential trash collected by Saturday evening.


Commercial routes are mainly on schedule and last Saturday they serviced containers and reloaded containers within the city limits numerous times. This week in Commercial Service our drivers have been dumping containers and the customers refilling containers as the drivers have been swinging back by them to collect what is refilled.  This has been the process all week but if there are certain customers not receiving this service please let me know so it can get corrected.

City Facilities

Limited Open Hours (2/18/21):

The City Gym will be open February 18th from 8:00 am - 6:30 pm. 

The Mineral Wells Parks and Recreation Department and the Mineral City gym will have regular hours beginning Friday, February 19th. 

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