Frequently Asked Questions

Is the burn ban on or off for Palo Pinto County?
For current information visit the Palo Pinto County website at this link or call the Commissioners Court at 940-659-1210.

How Do I Get a Burn Permit?

On the day you would like to burn call (940) 328-7770 and give the dispatcher your name, phone number, and the address of where you will be burning. A firefighter will come and inspect the site and issue the permit if all safety requirements are in place. There is no charge for a burn permit.

What Fire Codes Does the City of Mineral Wells Operate Under?

The City of Mineral Wells Fire and EMS has adopted the International Fire Code 2012.

How Do I Get a Copy of a Fire or EMS Report?
Contact the Administrative Office during business hours at (940) 328-7730 and provide the incident date and/or patient name. HIPPA Laws will require ID in order to release some reports requested.

Does the Fire/EMS department provide smoke detectors?
The fire department does provide smoke detectors for citizens and can assist with the installation if needed. To request a smoke detector, fill out a smoke detector request form and mail to our office. The form is available here. You will be contacted to make installation arrangements.

How do I schedule a station tour or a class for my school, club, group, or business?
Contact our office at (940) 328-7730 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm to make arrangements.

How do I get a certificate of occupancy inspection or a re-inspection of my business?
The certificate of occupancy inspections should be scheduled through the building inspectors office at (940) 328-7715.

How do I get a daycare, foster home, or yearly medical or institutional inspection?
Inside the city limits -Contact our office at (940) 328-7730. These can normally be done during the week with 1-2 days notice.
Outside the city limits (within Palo Pinto County) -Contact the County Fire Marshal at (940) 325-9372.

What will be required by the Fire/EMS department for a certificate of occupancy inspection?
Please click on this link to find a general information sheet of requirements for a certificate of occupancy.