Fireworks & Pyrotechnic Effects

Sec. 46-101. - Prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person to give away, sale, offer or display for sale, use, discharge, or cause to be discharged, ignited, fired, or otherwise set in action within the limits of the city, any fireworks, firecrackers, rockets, sparklers, torpedoes, Roman candles, fire balloons, or other fireworks or substances, of any combination whatsoever, designed or intended for pyrotechnic display except as provided in this article.

(Code 1970, § 12-80; Ord. No. 2014-02, § 3, 2-18-2014)

This does include sparklers.

Poppers are allowed

Fines up to $2,000

A permit is required for any public or private displays

It's the Law

Fireworks are defined as any composition or device for the purpose of producing a visible or an audible effect for entertainment purposes by combustion, deflagration, detonation and/or activated by ignition with a match or other heat producing device that meets the definition of 1.4G fireworks or 1.3 fireworks as set forth herein. By definition, this includes sparklers and model rocketry.


A pyrotechnics permit includes the use of 1.2G and 1.1G. This includes consumer fireworks that can be purchased at roadside vendors during the Fourth of July and New Year’s. This does not include the party poppers that do not need a flame to ignite and can be purchased at local retailers within the city limits.

Fireworks Permit Application

A permit is required for all pyrotechnic displays. A representative of the licensed pyrotechnics company shall make a request to the Mineral Wells Fire Marshal’s Office 2 weeks prior to the event. All pyrotechnic shows are required to be supervised by representatives of the Mineral Wells Fire Marshal's Office during all times the pyrotechnics are on-site. In addition, a brush truck and two firefighters are required to be on standby before and after the event.

Contractor Registration Form

Application For Permit

The display of fireworks for a public or private gathering is allowed with the approval and permit of the Mineral Wells Fire Department. Citizens or pyrotechnic companies wanting to provide a fireworks display shall be subject to the requirements of the 2012 IFC, NFPA 1123 and NFPA 1126.