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Safety First

Haunted houses are all about fun and keeping everyone safe is the highest priority. The Mineral Wells Fire Department requires that you have a permit if you want to offer a haunted house in the City of Mineral Wells.

Haunted Houses are considered a special amusement building designed for the purpose of entertainment. The description includes indoor and outdoor haunted houses that contain a pathway arranged, so that, the exits are not (delete “not,” so as to read “readily visible”?) readily visible.

Ghost Walks” or Paranormal Investigations are not permitted inside abandon buildings or structures deemed unsafe inside the city limits.


We have developed a guideline for residents and business owners who intend to operate haunted houses, scare houses or haunted mazes during the Halloween season for community, school or local fundraising events. The requirements apply, not only to commercial buildings, but to residential homes, at which, the public is invited or allowed on the property for the purpose of entertainment.

By nature, many of these types of facilities are unique; thus, the fire safety concerns are unique and must be evaluated accordingly. The Fire Department wants to ensure that those who operate and visit these unique entertainment venues are safe and are able to enjoy the event.

More information regarding the background and fire safety requirements can be found in our Haunted House Guideline.