Code Enforcement/Inspections Department

Building Permits

Permit Portal:
For permit fees please refer to the Master Fee Schedule located in the Code of Ordinances.


Please contact our office @ 940-328-7715 or by email at for all inspection scheduling.  

Backflow Testing and Reports need to go through SC Tracking Solutions:

Our purpose is to create a positive camaraderie with our citizens, contractors, and business owners, in order to help guide the economic growth and development of this historic city, and to proudly protect our valuable natural resources. 


 Creating and maintaining a beautiful city requires the best intentions from both the private owner and tenant. We live under a common code that was put in place in order to give guidance for safe and proud neighborhoods. These codes help deter blight, reduce crime, and create a satisfying respect for where we work, play, and live. Below are a few Code Violations that you can help to correct, in order to safeguard the beauty of our town. 

  • High Weeds & Grass- Grass over 12" tall are a violation.
  • Trash, Litter, and Debris- Accumulation of items such as tires, appliances, and trash should be properly disposed, or can result in a violation. 
  • Parking in Grass- All automobiles and trucks which are parked or stored on private property and are located in the front yard shall be parked on a paved surface. Vehicles, including RV's, campers, boats, and all terrain vehicles must be parked in the side or rear yard. Vehicles parked in the side or rear yard must be parked on a paved surface.